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Mountain house makes a line of dehydrated food that I took on my backpacking trips. As seen on the graphic on this page, they have a very nice variety of selection, so you probably won't get bored. It's super easy to make. You just measure water, then boil it, and then you pour it in the bag and let it sit for a prescribed amount of time. Then either eat it out of the bag, or since it's usually packaged for about 3 servings, split it in 3 serving pans and enjoy!

I had the turkey tetrazinni, Lasagna, and eggs, bacon, and peppers. All 3 of theses were easy to make and tasted quite good. I recommend these products based on my experience.

My only complaints about these products are as follows.

Some of the meals have rice. The government recently mentioned that rice, due to the way it grows has arsenic in it. Of course we know that arsenic is a poison and a carcenogen. Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself. See the US government nutrition websites and see for yourself. So consequntly I will not be eating those meals that include rice. But it makes you wonder why they didn't include Quinoa instead of rice???? Maybe somebody should write them a letter?

They have a little too much salt. I would recommend that they put the salt in a separate packagaing inside the packet, so you could put in as much salt as you want, maybe include pepper as well.

On the other hand, if you're hefting 40 pounds on your back, you're sweating out some of the electrolytes, so maybe having the extra salt might actually be helpful. Not sure. Check with a nutritionist.

I would also suggest that they add a separate package with dehydrated vegetables that you could add if you like more veggies. These meals don't have much in the way of veggies, not as much as I prefer. But that's just my preference.

The people who actually know about what is needed for a backpacking diet do suggest lots of simple and complex carbohydrates so that the body will get the energy when it needs it, and usually veggies do not include very much carbs.

These meals are not cheap, but they're cheaper than eating in a restaurant, and they are easy and quick to make and they really do taste very good.

I also had a meal manufactured by backpackers pantry, and it was pretty good too!

You might have noticed that these are breakfasts and dinners, so where's LUNCH??? I'm using the model of backpacking dining where you prepare meals for breakfast before you break camp, and supper after you set up camp, but while hiking during the day, you eat powerbars and / or granola for food on the trail.

The granola should not have too much in the way of fruits or nuts, because these take too long to digest, and won't give you the quick spike of energy like complex carbohydrates or simple carbs will. That's what you want when you're burning up calories rapidly and massively hauling that heavy backpack up thousands of feet of vertical and several miles of horizontal.

  Let the good times roll!
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