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When you're backpacking in a group, it makes sense to operate like a team

When there's 2 or 3 or more other backpackers in your group, you can do yourself a favor and specialize if you want to speed up the task completion so you can do things that are fun.

The major tasks when backpacking are as follows:

1) pitch tent and unpack

2) Filter to make potable water for the next day

3) hoist the food up out of reach of wildlife

4) boil water for meals

Now, of course everybody needs to pitch their own tent and unpack their own pack, unroll their own sleeping bag, blow up their bed cushion, etc. But the other three tasks can be assigned to an individual. Doesn't mean that you can't cooperate if you get done with your task first, but there's a clear understanding of who's doing what when you arrive at a new campsite, and work needs to be done before the sun sets and the sky gets dark. If everybody gets bored, you can switch tasks daily. Really not a bad idea, so that everybody stays on top of their game.

task 2) is The filtering of water task includes determining how much water is needed for the next day, then finding the water, running the water through the filtering and distributing the filtered water to those that need it.

task 3) is The food hoister needs to bring a critter- proof wire bag with a plastic vapor smell proof liner bag, then collect all foodstuff, snacks, and perfumed toiletries, and toothpaste, etc. Then need to find the right trees the right distance from camp and find limbs at the right height, and put weights on the ends of the rope and throw them over the limbs, and pull down the connector where the food bag is connected, and then hoist it up and out of reach of the critters. Then in the morning, needs to fetch it back for breakfast.

task 4) is The cook needs to have a stove and know how to use it, get the water and measure it out according to the food packet instructions, get it to boil, and then pour it into the packet without burning yourself, and do that for all the food being prepared, and then collects the trash and clean any eating equipment without spilling food in the campsite, or catching anything on fire.

Of course if you're backpacking solo, you are the generalist, because you got it do it all without any help. In that case, I suggest you cook and eat first, then filter water, and then hoist up the food.

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