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The Pocket Rocket

This stove is tiny, and can bring a liter of water to a boil in slightly over 3 minutes. It weighs practically nothing. Only thing that weighs anything is the fuel, which you will need regardless. This one cost just under $40.

It's rugged, light, and takes up almost no space at all. You could pay 3 times as much or more and be able to save 1 minute per meal for something that is much larger and weighs a lot more. But why would you do that? No good reason as far as I can tell.

I had purchased a different stove from REI, and it heated up quickly, like they advertise, but for three times the price, and the third day that I used it, it caught fire and burned up in a few seconds. Turns out it is made of plastic that disintegrates quickly when it gets too hot. This one is made of metal. For my money this is the absolute best choice when it comes to a camp stove without a doubt.

A friend of mine told me he made his alchohol stove, and he likes it the best. He said it cost practically nothing to build. So if you're handy and can build things, that's an option too!

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