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For toileting: You need a spade. A plastic hand spade is best. You can buy light inexpensive strong spades for under $10. The human waste needs to be buried down about 6 inches to isolate the smell and to allow the material to be digested by bacteria safely in about a year. Any deeper than that then it will take longer. Any shallower, a wild animal might smell it and decide to dig it up. You need toilet paper and a ziploc to capture the used toilet paper so you can pack it out. Do not bury the toilet paper, it doesn't degrade quickly enough to meet the needs of the wilderness areas. You may want to also bring a small volume of softsoap to wash off anything that gets dirty or stained and needs cleaning. You may also want to bring some water to aid in washing anything off that needs washing. Better to have this stuff handy if you need it rather than need to walk back to the camp with your pants around your ankles. Plan ahead for the worst case scenario.

For general cleanliness: Bring a small volume of softsoap to wash off your hands before you eat, before you brush your teeth, and any other time you will have your hands close to your nose or mouth and need your hands to be clean.

For oral hygene: For after breakfast and dinner, you will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, a toothpick, floss, and water to flush out your mouth. Also will need gargle, and if you use it, bring a fluoride gargle too!

Finally, but important, anything with any kind of fragrance should be segregated from your pack in a ziploc or other airproof container, and then put in the food bag so the pear population does not show any interest.

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