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About food, diet and nutrition

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My doctor told me that my illness was one of the fastest growing diagnoses' out there for a serious illness in the midwest. She thought that the evidence suggested that anybody could get this illness by drinking unfiltered water that has been mixed in rivers with farm chemical runoff when it rains, and eating foods that have been grown with pesticides and herbacides.

When I was diagnosed with a serious illness, Sandi researched foods, diets, and nutrition in regard to my illness. We've changed our eating habits after we became more educated on food, diet, healthy nutrition, and water purification.

After learning about the risks of mainstream food, we changed our eating habits. We buy organic foods for meal ingredients to as great an extent as possible. We buy whole grain breads at bakeries where they put in healthy seeds and nuts. We find that we like the flavor of whole grain breads. When we arrive in a new area, we start researching what bread bakeries do business in the area, and how they make their breads. We buy organic fruits and vegatables at farmers markets or grocers where there is unambiguous information regarding the status of whether the food is pure or if it has gone through the normal agricultural processes where pesticides, herbacides, and commercial fertilizers are routinely employed. We buy meats from vendors who sell organic or sustainable methods that do not use animal antibiotics, or other unorganic methods or processes. We use meats mainly to flavor dishes rather making the meat the meal. Our meals primarily emphasize organic and sustainably produced roots, whole grains, vegatables, and fruits.

We have a bowl of fruit every evening after dinner. We believe fruit and vegatables are the least expensive and best tasting antioxident source out there for good health. We have reduced the salt and sugar from our diet, to where we never add salt to a dish and rarely add any sugar, and then only very small amounts. We usually cut the recipe amount of sugar by 75% to 100%. We've removed rice from our diet, to eliminate the Arsenic, and replaced rice with Quinoa for risoto dishes that we like. We've added goat cheese in lieu of some of the cow cheese on the belief that dairy cows are not kept drug free in dairy herds. Goat cheese is also quite good tasting.

We try to eat salads, strifry, and soups at least three dinners a week. We have oatmeal twice a week with fruit for breakfast. We have whole grain breads with half of our meals. We have pastas twice or three times a week using whole grain pasta.

We have a 2 stage filtering process. We use an aquafina power carbon filtering system for the first stage. Then for the second stage we use a BRITA (carbon) water filter system for all of our drinking and cooking water purposes.

We also review from time to time the recent developments and technology improvements to see if there are even better systems out there for water purification that are portable systems that we can use. But we feel that for now that we have as good of a system as can be had short of a reverse osmosis system, and the system we have is very nearly as good as a reverse osmosis system, and addresses all of our water impurity related concerns.

If there is anybody out there who does not currently have any tap water filtering system at this time, I urge them not to walk, but run to the nearest store that sells water filtering systems and buy one. The best way to stay healthy is not to get sick in the first place by drinking unwholesome drinking water. This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to prevent serious illness in your future.

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