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Considerations about Pearl the wonderdog

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Pearl, our dog is a member of the family

We take pearl everywhere we go, and we only go where she is welcome. We don't do business with places that don't respect our choice to include Pearl whenever we go places.

Pearl is a 19 pound rescue dog, and she could very easily be a service dog because she's got the temperament and quite a bit of training. She is friendly to all people and most dogs. She is a little fearful of larger dogs, but will tolerate other dogs. She hasn't had an accident since she was a 1 year old puppy. We always take pearl out on a 3 hour cycle so she doesn't suffer, in return, she never has a bathroom accident indoors. Expecting a dog to hold urine or feces too long is probably just as much a torture for a dog as it is a person. It's too bad that some people don't have empathy toward the needs of their animals.

We brush Pearls teeth daily, and have her teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year. Of course Pearl gets all the shots that she needs for good health. We give her medicine so that worms, ticks, and fleas will not cause her any problems. We have a crate so that if we need to go out for a couple hours to take care of something, Pearl can't cause herself any problems, or cause any damage to our landlords. Sadly, many people who own dogs are not responsible for their actions and the actions of their dog. Those of us who are responsible must pay the freight for those who are not.

Dogs are pack animals, and they need the company of their pack. For people who abandon their animals, they confuse the sadden their animal, the animal doesn't understand what happened to their other members of their pack. Dogs are not toys to be abandoned when we lose interest in them. They are entities that deserve our attention, affection and care, and in return, you will receive the best friendship you will ever know from a living being. Dogs behave best when they accompany their pack / people wherever their people go. They are psychologically more stable and happy when they stay with the pack. For many people, it's simply not possible to keep their dog with them because of working at a job where dogs simply aren't allowed at the workplace, either because of company policy, for whatever reason. People in that situation probably should not have a dog unless somebody can be with the dog during the day. Remember that dogs are pack animals, psychologically they need companionship for the best results regarding their mental health and feeling of well-being.

Dogs have nutritional and dietary needs,just like people. Too often people purchase whatever dogfood is on sale at Walmart or wherever discount products are sold without regard to what is best for the dog. It's cheaper that way, but just like when people eat junkfood, the health of the person suffers, dogs are no different. If you don't want to feed the dog the best nutrition possible for humane reasons, do it for economic reasons. It's much cheaper to keep your dog physically and mentally healthy, than to deal with serious illness. Routine Veternary costs are much cheaper than costs associated with treating a serious illness. Dogs have a need to chew to keep their teeth and gums in a healthy condition, so often they will chew whatever is available. If the dog is provided chewtoys specifically for this purpose, a dog won't chew on wires, or wood, or furniture, or pillows, or other things that are destructive. They will naturally tend toward chewing the things you want them to chew if you only just give them a chance by providing the right kinds of things to chew.

Dogs use water for several purposes, as do people. Dogs need water for body cooling, digestion, and other necessary bodily functions. Dogs exhale water vapors through their lungs more so than humans do, and so water is very important to a dog, perhaps more so than for humans. It is important to carry water with you wherever you go so that your dog is never dehydrated. This is especially true if you are in a desert area, however no matter what climate you experience where you live if you have sunshine. Typically in the sun, the temperature is 10 or 20 degrees hotter than in the shade, depending on wind chill factor. But even in cold weather, you need water available for yourself and your dog. It's necessry to have water available for hikes and bike rides even if the dog isn't peddaling the trike, because the sun is hot. Dogs want and need exercise as much as people. They're healthier and happier when they have regular active exercise, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the breed of dog, but all dogs need some exercise. Most dogs love to run, so why not provide them with the opportunity to do so on a regular basis. It's cheaper than Veternary bills, and much more humane to give them what is needed for their well being.

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