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Pearls dogfood and nutrition

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Pearls dogfood and nutrition

We feed Pearl Orijen dog food. It's a canadian dog food company. They try to match the dogfood with what dogs have evolved from eating. Pearl has done very well with this product.

She has overall excellent health, full of energy, bright eyes, good coat and nails. Her teeth seem to have some problems but it's believed that this problem is hereditary rather than environmental.

When I go hiking with Pearl, I take her along most of the time when I can, and she outhikes me every time. Typically I hike 10 miles or more and elevation gains usually exceeding a half mile, and she does better than I do. She jumps up on boulders and trees when I'm sitting down on the same.

The dogfood from Orijen which we leave out all day for her to eat as she demands. She regulates her input and doesn't overeat. Also, we give her all the (filtered) water she wants.

Additionally, we give her eggs, select veggies and fruits, and some meat from our table, but only in small amounts to nutritionally balance her diet.

You can see by the pictures that she's in very good health.

We have to have her groomed every 8 weeks or so, because her coat and nails, and other grooming considerations need to be addressed by then.

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