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dog friendly places to stay

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dog friendly places to stay

When we go on the road, many places are not dog friendly. So we don't do business with them, and we encourage others to avoid them too!

Pearl is a member of our family, we are a member of her pack, and so if she isn't good enough for the motel or rental house, then the motel or rental house is not good enough for us.

Unfortunately there are many places that don't use their intelligence when considering whether a dog owner will damage their property.

Pearl is a 20 pound dog that is psychologically balanced. We give her chew toys so that she will ONLY chew those chew toys. We take her outside so toilet on regular timeslots so that she understands not to toilet inside, and will even signal to us that she needs to go out if there is a need before her 3 hour toileting walk. We give her flea and tick medicine regularly, and take her to a vet as recommended for shots and treatment if there is an issue. She's taken to a groomer every 8 weeks, and given the full treatment. We keep her fur short, and she's a breed that doesn't shed, and is non-alergenic. She's physically and mentally more healthy than most children, and safer to house than them, but you won't find children banned from motels, or other housing. We find that irony very annoying.

La Quinta Inns has a very well considered nation wide policy on dog friendliness, and we prefer to go there more than any other motel.

For house rental and for longer stays, we check around for people in property management firms who understand these realities about dog owners, who will readily rent to us and people who are like minded.

We believe that property owners who thoughtfully consider tennants with dogs strongly benefit from that attitude.

We don't deny that there are some dog owners who don't know how to care for their pet, and generally don't know how to care for themselves, however with one look most observant people can detect if there is a problem.

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