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Benefits of regular dog grooming

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Benefits of regular dog grooming

We take Pearl to the groomer about 6 times per year. It costs us about $40 for a grooming for Pearl.

For the $40, we get pearls fur cut back, her nails trimed, and other important grooming concerned addressed.

The benefit is that she doesn't shed her fur, she doesn't scratch us or any furniture up because her nails are as short as they need to be.

The groomer checks out pearls overall health, and notices any health problems, or if there are any parasites or other issues, and makes us aware of any problems noted that needs to be addressed.

Groomers also check and address pad health, and any general health issues.

Bottom line is that grooming is the right thing to do for the health of the dog, and should be a regular part of care for your dog.

From our perspective, the price is money well spent, and most groomers do a very good job at caring for our dog.

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