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dog healthcare

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dog healthcare

Pearls healthcare consists of several building blocks.

Item 1: Annual visits to the VET for shots and a physical exam.

Item 2: Monthly flea and tick medicine administration

Item 3: Grooming every other month

Item 4: Daily Brushing of the fur coat

Item 5: Daily walk and regular exercise

Item 6: Take Pearl everywhere we go. This makes her psychologically very balanced and centered. She is well behaved and knows how to be around groups of people without making a nuissance of herself. She is also part of our daily routines, and so she has a feeling of belonging.

Item 7: Regular play with Pearl to keep her mind active and interested in the world, and to give more activity.

Item 8: Contact with Pearl. By touching, grooming, and brushing Pearl, we're acknowledging her membership in our "pack"/ family. Good for the psychology of the dog.

Item 9: Daily teeth brushing and training.

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