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Leash considerations

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Leash Considerations

To protect your dog in unfamiliar or dangerous locations, it's important to have a leash so that your dog can be safe. Dogs don't necessarily know what is safe and what is not safe, so the leash can allow you to guide your dog away from unsafe situations.

Some small dogs have a condition where their trachea will collapse temporarily and the dog will cough a few times. For these dogs it's helpful to have a vest you can put on your dog so that you don't have too much pressure on the Trachea even when the dog is pulling on the leash. It's useful to have a quick attach and disconnect snap that is fast to operate, while being strong enough that it will hold and won't break.

It's important that the dog owner always has the dog under their control, either by voice command or by leash. This is especially important in dangerous environments.

We recommend a sturdy nylon braded leash that can't break. When combined with a vest, it's possible to even lift a dog without actually hurting the dog.

It's helpful to have dog feces bags tied around your leash handle so that it's handy and available when needed to clean up after your dogs bowel movement. Another alternative is to have a small metal spade to dig a small "cathole" for the feces, and cover it over in a 4 to 6 inch deep hole.

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