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Hydration and hiking in the desert

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Hydration and hiking in the desert

For desert winter hiking, where the daily high temperature is under 75F, a good rule of thumb is bring along 1 liter of water per person for every 4 miles. thus for a 10 mile hike one would need 2.5 liters per person.

For desert summer hiking, where daily high temperatures exceed 85F, a good rule of thumb is bring at least 1 liter for every 2 miles hiking, so that unless you have a water filter in your pack, and if there is water in the streams, you need to bring 5 liters of water for a 10 mile hike.

Some people buy fancy flasks or hydration bladders, which work reasonably well based on reports, but if you want to go cheap and dirty, just buy liter water bottles at the quick shop on the way to the trailhead.

If there is water in the streams at the time of year when you are hiking, you can save a lot of pack weight from water by bringing your water filter along with , say, half as much water as you would otherwise need.

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