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Hiking and shoes

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Hiking and shoes

If you are going on a hike that is relatively well maintained trail, like the grand canyon trail, then it's better to find a good light walking shoe like the one pictured to the right, because light weight is better if you are hiking a good trail.

On the other hand, if you are bushwacking, or hiking on a trail with a lot of uneven sharp rock where the bottom of your feet would be better having a shoe with a shank in the sole, then weight becomes a secondary consideration, and foot comfort or safety becomes more important. In this case, wearing a "chucka boot" or full sized boot is the right choice for the hike.

Light weight walking shoes, typically weigh under one pound per foot, whereas sturdy boots, typically weight more than 1.5 pounds per foot. Since your feet make thousands of lifting walking motions in a long hike, lighter is usually better. In a 10 mile hike, assuming a 30 inch stride, a hiker lifts each foot 10,500 times. Footwear weight becomes a more important factor depending on length of hike.

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