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Santa Catalina mountains east and southeast hiking trails

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southeast and east trails

Trails discussion

All of the east trails are to a degree similar. The bug spring trail is different from the rest, and perhaps should be grouped with the central trails. These are all excellent trails. If you are lucky enough to be located in the northeast side of town, then these trails are all located close to that part of town.

None of the trails in the east side are as challenging as the south trails, with elevation gains more on the order of less than 2,000 feet, and most closer to 1000 feet, so they can be scaled in just a couple of hours, rather than all day like the south trails with elevation gains of 3,000 feet or more.

Unlike the south trails, these trails can be enjoyed, like almost all of the national forest trails everywhere in the country with your dog. Also these are all trails that probably are not fun to hike in the summer. These trails are best hiked in the non-summer seasons when the temperatures are more reasonable. All trails in Arizona require employing hydration measures for all seasons, as Arizona is universally a desert climate region.

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