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Although this website is named, it is being written to be a resource for people of all ages. The author is retired, hence "retirement adventures". But anybody can benefit from walking, hiking, backpacking, triking, biking, the right diet and eating habits, proper water purification, and generally being active no matter what age they may happen to be.

The purpose of this website is to provide a resource for active people of all ages who wish to live a healty lifestyle.

Our hope is to provide information to help people stay physically healthy by exercising using bikes or trikes, or by hiking or by backpacking or walking in scenic places.

Our hope is to provide information to help people stay mentally healthy through travel, and eating at good restaurants in different places, and meeting new people. Also staying mentally healthy by taking scenic drives, and doing new and different things in new and different places.

Our hope is that the information we provide will be feedback for interested parties, or responsible agencies or managers in communities, national forests, national parks, state parks, forests, or wilderness areas who want an independent opinion about how well they are doing at providing recreational opportunities in the communities or areas where we visit.

Although the blog is being written by Dan, Sandi is a major force in everything that the three of us experience, and is the brains behind much of the logistical planning and execution of our journey.

All feedback comments or suggestions positive or negative is welcome, please send it to

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