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About Her trike

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About Her Trike

Sandi's trike is a Trident Stowaway 2. It is a good trike, made with Moly frame, so it's slightly heavier than my aluminum framed trike, but it's sturdy and it's a good ride.

Trident loads up their trikes with a lot of bells and whistles that you normally have to pay extra for. One really useful feature is the folding nature of the trike, where you disconnect the center hinge and it folds in half after you remove the seat with quick disconnect retainers.

We're full time travelers, and so the flexibility in packing that goes along with the folding trike is really important and helpful to me when we're packing to go ahead to the next destination.

We've had our trikes out dozens of times, and they don't show any signs of wear, and tear. We've logged probably around 1,000 miles per year.

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