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About The trailer

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About The trailer

The trailer is the Burley Voyager. It weighs less than 20 pounds, but has the capacity of 100 pounds. The connection to a trike or bike is a quick fastner that takes about 20 seconds to attach, and it's very reliable as an attachment.

The trailer is used to haul the pack with water and things we would normally carry in our pockets. Also we put Pearls cushion and Pearl rides in the front of the trailer. She's really good at staying in the trailer when it's moving.

We're full time travelers, and so the flexibility in packing that goes along with the lighter weighing and smaller trailer is really important and helpful to me when we're packing to go ahead to the next destination.

We've had our trikes out dozens of times, and they don't show any signs of wear, and tear. We've logged probably around 1,000 miles per year. The trailer is a tough cookie, and has more capability than we need. It's worth the price in utility provided.

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