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I started riding a bicycle when I was about 5. The training wheels lasted about an hour or so. I grew up in a small college town that was perfect for riding bicycles. Flat, and organized on a grid so that there were very few streets that had too much traffic on to safely ride a bike. So I've been riding a bike for more than 50 years now.

When my wife and I were going to college, we had schwinn Varsity 10 speed bikes, and those lasted to this day, but the riding on upright bikes caused me quite a bit in seat pain and wrist pain when I went on long rides over 10 miles. So I looked around, and saw that there were recumbent trikes, and decided to give them a try. I liked mine so much that my wife decided that she wanted to give it a spin, so she got one too.

My wife rides a Trident Stowaway, so named for the folding feature that allows the trike to be placed into a smaller volume for transport. This has been a very helpful feature for us as full time travelers. This is a very well engineered and constructed trike. There are many fancier and lighter trikes, however, we're most interested in a sturdy, reliable trike without too many bells and whistles to break, and Trident makes just that for a very reasonable price as trikes go.

My trike is a Terratrike Access(model name). It's been an excellent trike, and I would recommend a Terratrike trike to anybody.

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