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Reports about trails we've ridden

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Reports about trails we've ridden

Tucson, AZ trail: The LOOP trail along the various Arroyos

This trail is located along several arroyos and encircles the city.

The trail is mostly flat, and goes in a green space along the river with trees, crossing under streets, so you don't have to cross traffic.

The surface is mostly in very good shape when we rode on it in most recently winter, 2015. The police patrol it from time to time, so there's no very much crime, but it's a city, and it's best to be alert. Generally there are no problems but a some have been reported. Check with the police to get additional information to stay safe.

The parking is plentiful, and there are bathrooms at the many of the trailheads.

This is an excellent trail, one of the best out there, I highly recommend it!

Due to the climate in Tucson, AZ, the summers are terribly hot, especially in the sun, the early spring and late fall are hotish but bearable, and the winters are perfect.

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