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The places that we have visited

Our Crazy Post Retirement Wanderings Hiking and Triking

The places that we visited

We like to spend our time outdoors most of the time being active in a way that will maintain or improve our mental and physical health. We like to be outdoors when it's dry, and a comfortable temperature for exercise. We like to trike and hike when the temperature is between 40 and 65 because when the sun shines, it can increase the temperature that one experiences by 10 to 20 degrees farenheit, depending on wind speed, which causes wind chill. That way we are exercising in a temperature range of about 50f to about 85f, with a strong preference for the lower half of that range. We prefer a low to moderate level of humidity ranging from about 5% to about 50%, again preferring the lower end of that range, depending on temperature. It's easy to put on a sweatshirt to avoid being cold, but if it's too hot and / or humid, all you can do is go inside an air conditioned building or get in the shade. If the humidity gets too high, then the shade won't help, only air conditioning will help.

So we look for places with the average temperature and moisture levels that meet our criteria for any given month, when we would be in that area. Because, we like going on hikes in visually pretty areas, we look for places that have national forests, or mountains, or lakes or monuments, or other locations where they build trails to hike. We balance that with availability of asphault or concrete bike trails availability in the area. Add all those things up and add to the mix that we like reading and movies, and once in a while going to a restaurant, and you can see that picking places is not an easy task. On top of all of those considerations, you also have finding places that are sufficiently economical that they fit within our budget, and are available when we want to be in those areas. It takes a bit of work to arrange our itenerary, but we usually make our arrangements anywhere from several months to a year in advance.

It's very hard to find places to rent near where we want to be, so that the hiking trails and bike trails are close by. There are not that many places where you have that confluence of recreational opportunities all in a close space so that you don't spend all of your time driving to the locations for recreation and exercise. So, most likely at some point in the not too distant future, I'm probably going to purchase some kind of camper vehicle for weekend or week long trips. Something small and agile. Maybe a van or some sort with a bed in the back and other utilities that are useful for short camps, or for a restocking depot for a backpacking trip parked at a trailhead. That way you drive up and back to that backpacking location, and then spend several days doing what you want to do, and getting exercise without any driving.

Here are the places we've visited in 2014:

>Northport, Florida

>Fripp Island, South Carolina

>Kearney, Missouri

>Cedar Rapids, Iowa

>Orillia, Ontario, Canada

>Chamberlain, SD

>Kearney, Missouri

>Albuquerque, New Mexico

>Colorado Springs, Colorado

>Spokane, Washington

>Salem, Oregon

>Clearlake Oaks, California

>Temecula, California

>Tucson, Arizona

Here are the places we've visited in 2015:

>Tucson, Arizona

>Flagstaff, Arizona

>Port Orchard, Washington

>Port Orford, Oregon

>Albuquerque, New Mexico

Here are the places we've visited in 2016:

>Tucson, Arizona

>Bend, Oregon

>Sea Ranch, California

>Port Angeles, Washington

>Albuquerque, New Mexico

Here are the places we've visited in 2017:

>Tucson, Arizona

>Boise, Idaho

>Florence, Oregon

>Bend, Oregon

>Albuquerque, New Mexico

Here are the places we're going to visit in 2018:

>Tucson, Arizona

>Park City, Utah

>Seaside, Oregon

>Bellingham, Washington

>Prescott, Arizona

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