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Flagstaff Arizona spring 2015

Scenic Drive to Sedona - part 4

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Scenic Drive to Sedona - part 4

We took a drive, of course starting in Flagstaff, where we are staying, and driving south of Flagstaff on Interstate 17, and then after a few miles, you turn off on the Highway 89a exit and follow that road.

Highway 89a descends into the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, and continues along Oak creek. You come to Slide Rock state park first, and it's a nice stop. Lots of scenery to look at.

After Slide rock state park, you continue south along Oak Creek until you come to Sedona, and you can either continue on 89a, or turn south on highway 179. You can't go wrong regardless of which way you turn.

If you decide to take this scenic drive, I recommend having lunch in Sedona, or perhaps dinner. I think most restaurants are very good, and held to a high standard. At least that is the impression we were left with when we visited Sedona.

Plan to make a day of it, and do some shopping in Sedona. It's a very nice experience.

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