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Flagstaff Arizona spring 2015

Scenic Drive to Grand Canyon - part 4

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Scenic Drive to Grand Canyon - part 4

We took a drive, of course starting in Flagstaff, where we are staying, and driving north of Flagstaff on highway 89, and then after about 40 miles, you turn west on the Highway 64 and follow that road to the park.

At the intersection of hightway 64, there is access to the little Colorado River(arroyo) gorge. We went over to the overview and looked. This is one of the tributaries of the Colorado river. The arroyo is very impressive, see the pictures. After taking some pictures we moved on to the park via highway 64 west.

Driving down highway 64, We stopped at the desert view watchtower along the way, then we stopped next at desert view, grandview point, Mather point, and Yavapai point taking pictures at each of the stops.

If you decide to take this scenic drive, I recommend having lunch at the watchtower or Grand canyon village, although prices are artifically inflated, by quite a bit, otherwise bring some take out from one of the fine restaurants in Flagstaff.

Plan to make a day of it, and do start out early. If you can afford the time, take the bright angel trail for one or two hours down and back. It's a very nice experience.

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