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Tucson Arizona 2014

Scenic Drive Santa Catalina mountains

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Santa Catalina scenic drive

The Catalina highway is a highway that goes from Tucson's northeast side clear up to summerhaven, which is a small town near Mt. Lemmon at the summit of the Santa Catalina mountain range.

A number of developed sites are available to assist in recreational opportunities in the Coronado national Forest region, where the Santa Catalinas are managed.

Along the Catalina highway there are campsites, and cabins, hiking trailheads, a visitor center, maps and publications, passes and permits. The forest service personnel are located in the Sabino recreational area and at the Palisades visitor center on Catalina highway. Here's a link to the Coronado national forest... Here's more information about the mountains and forests near Tucson....

Here's a link on the catalina highway.....

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