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Tucson Arizona 2014

Hike the Babad Doag trail 704

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Hike the Babad Doag trail 704

This trail has an elevation gain of 1700 feet, and is about 5 miles round trip. It's a lot of fun, and has lots of nice views. When you get up to the saddle at the "end" of the trail, you can also go on up to the top of the "frog". Don't fall down on this trail, you might put your hand down on a cactus (like I did). After I hiked up this trail, I bought hiking poles for stability, and they definitely help.

With this hike, you get lots of nice views of Tucson and the surrouding area. The vegitation is as you would see on the other surrounding canyons, such as Agua Caliente, or Molino. Likewise is the rocks, boulders, and rock formations.

The length of the hike is suitable for nearly anybody, but the elevation gain is more than many beginners would bargain for, so this is more of a novice intermediate hiking skill level. It's a nice hike that most anybody would enjoy, though, even though it's not a real challenging trail.

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