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Tucson Arizona 2014

Hike Honeybee Canyon trail in Oro valley

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Hike the Honeybee Canyon trail

This is a surprisingly nice short hike. It's only about 2 miles or so, and it only varies about 200 feet or so in elevation. You have a nice view as you can see in the pictures of the eroded rock that line the canyon.

The trail kind of becomes faint near the peak of the trail on the far side of the hike away from the trailhead, but you can figure our another path without too much effort without doubling back to take the trail you already hiked.

There are lots of nice views of the santa catalinas western facade, with Romero Canyon in the middle of the view.

This is a delightful little hike when you want to get out and get some exercise without feeling like your training with all the baggage that goes with a training hike.

Lots of fresh air and it could be practically in your back yard if you live in Oro Valley, so you don't have to drive too far if you live in the north west side of the metro area.

This is a hike well worth doing I recommend it! Has nice convenient picnic and bathroom facilities too!

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