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Tucson Arizona spring 2015

Trike ride on Canada Del Oro wash bike trail part 2

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Trike ride on Canada Del Oro wash bike trail part 2

We found out about this stretch of trail in Oro Valley by studying the "loop" map. The "loop" is the bike trail that makes a circle around Tucson.

This is a place that is best to visit in winter.

It makes a nice day to drive up and take a hike, and then have a picnic there along the trail.

The western facade of the Santa Catalina Mountains is a very esthetically beautiful thing to behold. One of the benefits of living in the town of Oro Valley, just north of Tucson.

Taking a trike ride on this section of bike trail gives one the opportunity to behold the beauty of the western Facade of the Mountains, featuring Pusch Ridge and the Romero Canyon, and other features of this section of the mountain.

The pavement seems very well maintained, smooth and nice to ride on, it's a nice 6 mile stretch of trail to ride on. I believe there are plans to extend the trail to make it longer and connect up with the loop trail.

They have even added some displays that enhance the view of the ride that talk about the wash and the mountains. Nice touch.

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