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Outcome of my Knee Physical Therapy

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Outcome of my physical therapy for my knee injury January 3, 2015

The Physical therapist first talked with me to discover what symptoms I was experiencing, and asked some historical questions about what led up to the injury. Based on the answers that I provided, she next made some measurements of my range of motion and strength for several muscle groups related to my knees, and walking. It was determined that there was an imbalance in my hip range of motion, and there was a strength imbalance between the muscle groups from side to side, with my left side being stronger, and having more range of motion. I was given stretches for my calves, hips, and leg muscles, and exercises for my hamstrings, glutes, and quads. I followed the exercise and stretch regimen, and will continue. The outcome is that I was ready to go on my backpacking trip, and my knees didn't have any pain when hiking. I wore knee braces, and will continue that for a few more months, and then only if I'm especially stressing the knees on long hikes or difficult hikes. I have layed off riding my trike, but I plan to resume with trike riding mid march, going easy at first. Trike riding had been the most painful, hence the reason for waiting longer to resume that activity.

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