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Four Day Backpacking adventure - day one

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Backpacking Adventure - First Day second part - February 25 - Marshall Saddle to Campsite

We said goodbye to Rick and thanked him for the ride, and he hiked back to the trailhead, while we continued on the Wilderness of Rocks trail which began at the saddle.

Wilderness of Rocks is a very interesting section of the mountain. There are a very large number of rock formations everywhere you look. Erosion of the rock over millions of years has sculptured the rocks into some amazing configurations and shapes.

The trail was generally downhill, and quite pleasant after we left Marshall Saddle, a definite respite after going uphill most of the way to Marshall Saddle from the Marshall Gulch Trailhead.

After about half a mile, a stream seemed to shadow the trail. It is the Lemmon creek, and it follows the trail for about 60% of the length of the trail. The stream had plenty of clear water, and it was pleasant to walk along the creek and the sound of the water splashing on the rocks.

We continued for another hour past Marhsall saddle until about 4:30 and looked around. We realized that we were running out of sunlight and we needed to get camp set up, and that it's better not to set up camp after dark, especially the first night, and we noticed that there seemed to be a suitable campsite with a little bit of a slope not far from the stream. So we stopped for the night.

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