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Four Day Backpacking adventure - day two

Our Crazy Post Retirement Wanderings Hiking and Triking

Backpacking Adventure - Day two part two - Feb 26 - hiking WoR trail

We continued hiking on past Lemmon Creek, and it was around lunch time, but lunch was not in our plans. The idea was not to stop and get out the cook stove and food and water and go through all the hoops. Instead, the idea was to have granola or granola bars and a piece of fruit, or some other logistically easy type of food to consume while on a short break from hiking along the trail. I had an apple and some granola from a bag with water from my water bottle. It had the desired effect by putting some gas in our tanks.

The temperature was about 55, but it felt like about 80 with the sun beating down on us, while we hiked with our backpacks, sweating while we hiked on down the trail. I had some backpack suspension issues. My shoulders would begin to hurt after several hours of hiking, so I'd loosen up my shoulder straps and tighten up the hip belt, and then it would feel like I was putting too much weight on my hips, so I would continue to switch back and forth between putting more weight on my hips, and then more on my shoulders, and then back to putting more on my hips.

The scenery was continually just amazing, mesmorizing, and overwhelming all at the same time. You would see a rock formation that would be a "wow" experience, and then you would go around the corner and you would see another one that was even more impressive and interesting. Words don't convey the visual impact of all the things we visually experinced on the hike this day.

To say the very least, hiking down the wilderness of rocks trail was a memorable and unforgettable experience.

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