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Four Day Backpacking adventure - day two

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Backpacking Adventure - Day two part three - Feb 26 - hiking WoR trail

This section of trail was hiked in the time about an hour after lunch. We had passed the Lemmon creek crossing about a mile earlier. Most of the wilderness of rocks trail is spent feeling like you're hiking down in a recess in the surface of the earth, because you are hiking along the stream bed for Lemmon creek. You can see a limited range of about a half mile to the ridges and peaks west of the trail, but you can't see much in the distance further than about a mile, until you reach a point in the trial where you can see out over the research natural area, down toward Sabino Canyon in the distance. It's a very nice vista, as you can see in the pictures.

The rocks and rock formations don't cease to amaze as we continued to hike further southwest toward the meetup with the junction of Mt. Lemmon trail #5 and Wilderness of Rock trail #44. We weren't sure how soon it would be before we ran into water again near term, and we weren't sure where we would want to stop to camp, assuming that we didn't have the stamena to "catch up" with the planned destination of the base of "west fork" at the intersection with Cathedral Rock trail. Hence it was thought that we should boost our water stocks at the next opportunity. So we stopped at the next intersection with a running stream and refilled our bladders and bottles in preparation for stopping for the night for camping.

We continued another hour or so, and while hiking along, we ran into a section of trail where there was a sandy area that was about 95% flat, and big enough for two tents. Since it was about 4:30PM, and the sun was getting lower in the sky, we decided to call it our campsite for the night.

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