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Tucson Arizona spring 2015

Four Day Backpacking adventure - Third Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day three part three - Feb 27 - over the ridge above Romero Pass

We left the Wilderness of rocks trail in our rear view mirrors, and continued higher on the Mount Lemmon trail south. The trail goes up a few hundred feet from the junction on the Mount Lemmon trail. The view gets better and better to the North and west as we ascended the Mt. lemmon trail.

We saw lots of pines as we ascended, and an assortment of rocks along the trail. When we reached the top of the ridge, we were rewarded with an amazing view to the west and south.

There was a huge rock about 60 feet wide, 60 feet long and several hundred feet tall that had a flat top about the same elevation as the trail, that invites all who happen along the trail to come out and take a look before they continue along their way, and perhaps take a picture or two. So we were more than pleased to accomodate by taking some pictures, and gazing into the distance for a few minutes before we headed on down the south side of the north Upper Romero Canyon wall.

To the south, you can see Cathedral Rock and further to the south, you can see Mount kimball and Pima Saddle. To the west, you can see the south canyon ridge to half way down Romero Canyon, and the south side of Montrose canyon, with Oro Valley and the Tucson Mountains in the far distance.

We took a few more pictures, and marvelled at the view, and then continued on our way.

  picture 1
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