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Four Day Backpacking adventure - Third Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day three part four - Feb 27 - Hiking down north wall of Romero canyon

The North wall of Romero canyon near Romero saddle is a wonderous place. If you drew a line on a satellite photograph of the santa catalina mountains from east to west from Hirabayashi to Catalina State Park, you line would lie over the sabino canyon east and west branches, and across Romero Saddle, Romero Canyon. Looking south across the canyon, you gaze upon Cathedral Rock with all it's glory. Looking west you can see down Romero Canyon. Looking east you can see down the west branch of Sabino Canyon and beyond.

After we took our pictures up on top of the rock at the peak of the north wall of Romero Canyon above Romero saddle, we continued on down the face of the canyon. The trail was very rocky, steep and narrow, but the views were amazing for every inch of the way.

When you start out at the top of the canyon wall, you're in pines and aspens, but by the time you reach about half way down, the pines all disappear. The trail is mostly a part of the mountain, but as you go down, there is more broken rock and gravel in the trail.

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