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Four Day Backpacking adventure - Third Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day three part five - Feb 27 - Hiking down north wall of Romero canyon above Romero Pass

When we started down from the top of the canyon wall we had the view like we were looking down on the world in every direction but behind us. As we continued down the views continued to evolve and change perspective to be more like we were looking across at the peaks, across west branch Sabino canyon to the left, and across Romero canyon to the right.

We were walking on white marble in the trail that had been broken up into 2 inch chunks and larger by freeze and thaw over many years.

When we looked to the right we could see towering rock sections of the mountian including the huge rock that we were standing on up at the top of the ridge. Looking down Romero canyon, you can clearly see where Romero stream came into canyon from the North (toward the right). You can also see all kinds of interesting rock formations everywhere you look.

The trail continued steeply as it progressed down the canyon wall. You almost feel like you are walking off the end of the world going to someplace lower.

Looking over to the southwest, you can see the east part of the south ridge of the mountains.

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