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Four Day Backpacking adventure - Third Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day three part six - Feb 27 - Approaching Romero Pass from the North

We continued on down the north face of the Romero Canyon above Romero Pass toward Romero Pass and although the trail was steep, it was not quite as steep as it was higher on the canyon wall from whence we came.

We stopped to rest out feet from the pounding that our feet and toes received from the drop in elevation of about 1200 feet coming down the canyon wall, and had a snack after having covered a little more than 2 miles since we broke camp that morning.

The view continued to be amazing, looking up to the east down the west branch of Sabino Canyon, and on further to the East branch of Sabino Canyon, although the perspective was from a lower vantage point. we could also see Romero canyon and Romero Saddle in much greater detail.

Looking across Romero Canyon, we could see the area where the Cathedral Rock trail was supposed to be, but could not see much detail. Of course the reputation of that trail on the north end is of being fairly obscure and difficult to follow, often disappearing for hundreds of yards for time to time.

Some of the areas on the lower canyon wall seemed to take on some of the character of the wilderness of rock trail scenery, with lots of odd shaped rocks in a highly chaotic setting demonstrating quite a bit of wind and water wear around the edges.

Just visiting and seeing the natural beauty of the mountains makes one want to spend more time up there wandering around and exploring the mountains and enjoying the views and scenery.

As we approached Romero Pass, we discussed the fact that we could stick with the original Ininerary, which would require that we hike 10.2 miles in the next day, instead of the 6.2 miles that would be required if we went down Romero Canyon. We unanimously decided that we were in the shape where we should opt for going down Romero Canyon.

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