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Four Day Backpacking adventure - Third Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day three part nine - Feb 27th - At the campsite

We arrived at the campsite, and after we finished resting, we set about working at the tasks at hand. We started dinner. We filtered water. We put up tents and unpacked packs, and we hoisted the food......sort of.

Turns out Cheryls water bladder leaked because she didn't tighten the lid well enough, and a lot of water leaked out onto her sleeping bag. So needless to say her sleeping bag was quite damp.

We hung up her sleeping bag right away when we got there. There was quite a bit of breeze, gusting up to about 30 miles per hour, which was a complicataing factor in putting up the tents, but we managed somehow. The breeze speeded up the drying process on the sleeping bag, which was good, and by the time the bag was needed, it was dry.

We made the water for the next day, and had it at the ready after dinner was done and dishes were washed and trash put away for packing it out.

Because we were about 2500 feet lower than the previous night, it was about 8 degrees warmer, plus it was a warmer day, so it was about 10 degrees warmer than that, bringing the temperature up to the mid 30's, from a low of 18F the previous night. That extra warmth was well received and appreciated.

We walked down the trail about 200 feet, and noticed a large campsite that could be used by groups, where there might be several tents set up in the same proximity.

I actually slept that night about 4 hours. Went to bed at about 8PM, and slept to about midnight. I was concerned that we had been out 3 days and we had hiked 2 miles the first day, 3 miles the second day, and 4.4 miles the third day, which left 6.2 miles to be hiked the 4th day. This kept me from going back to sleep, and thinking about it, I decided that we needed to get up early and start hiking early. Maybe 4 pm or 5pm or something like that, but decided to wait and see how I felt in the early morning hours and perhaps wake the others and see if they wanted to begin early since we had so much more distance to cover that upcoming day in order to reach the trailhead to meet our ride.

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