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Four Day Backpacking adventure - Fourth Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day four part four - Feb 28 - Hiking down Romero Canyon

After we left Romero pools, we climbed up the large 4000foot elevation hill that separates Romero canyon from Montrose canyon. This hill also blocks the view of upper Romero canyon from the lower part of the Romero trail.

The hill required only about 300 feet of climbing on the trail, but somehow it seems like more than that. By this time of the day, the clouds had gone in, and we were getting mostly sunny skies most of the time, and the day was beginning to heat up.

Going up this hill separating the two canyons, you begin to see further down the Romero canyon, and start to glimpse parts of Montrose canyon, which is hidden from view from Oro valley. I suspect that the mountain sheep spend some time in Montrose canyon digesting the grass that they feed on near the golf course near pusch ridge.

We were starting to see a lot of hikers from the Saturday event as we scaled the upcanyon side of the hill.

The views were very nice of Romero canyon both upcanyon and downcanyon views. The morning sun and the shadows made for nice pictures of the rock formations, and Romero creek and pools.

The plant life was all green along the trail from the recent rains in February, and some of the plant life was beginning to flower.

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