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Four Day Backpacking adventure - Fourth Day

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Backpacking Adventure - Day four part seven - Feb 28 - hiking down Romero Canyon

The trail becomes much more interesting in this next to last section on the fourth day of hiking down Romero canyon.

Some of the more interesting rock formations one notices as one continues over and down the hill separating the canyons (Romero and Montrose), are the rock formations on the trail.

The trail seems like it was carved out of the rock in some of the sections up on top of the hill before you descend down to the lower trail in the foothills near the loop canyon trail.

Montrose canyon becomes more like the lower trail in this section of hiking the romero trail. Looking down from what looks like a mountain goat trail, all you can see is rocks, cactus, and the nearby town beyond Catalina state park.

Some of the trail has very large chunks of rock in the middle of the trail, making for an interesting obstacle.

There continues to be many interesting rock formations in the trail and on the canyon walls in the distance. The trail is mostly downhill at this point, and a pretty comfortable hike, except for the fatigue which was setting in at this stage of the hike. We stopped a couple of times for 10 minutes or so going over this hill. The uphill sections winded us, because we'd been hiking for about 6 hours at this point, and the sun was getting higher in the sky with fewer clouds.

We could start to see the trailhead, but it seemed like it was still a long distance to hike. Cheryls toes were sore, and Both Dan and myself were starting to feel the hike in our leg fatigue as well.

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