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Tucson Arizona spring 2015

Lemmon Ridge - hiking southwest

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Lemmon Ridge - Hiking southwest down the ridge - Part 1

I parked my car in the restaurant parking lot across from the ski area base up on Mount Lemmon, and pearl and I hiked up through the woods on the same north facing slope to the east of the ski runs up to the top of ski lifts just down the hill a little ways from where the catalina highway ends up at the observatory.

The trails wound through a nice pine forest that provides plenty of shade for the hike on the way up.

Every once in a while we catch a view of the mountains to the northeast in the distance. There was some snow on the trail, and some mud along the way.

The views of the forest were nice, but other than that were some what unremarkable.

The trail is at 9,000 feet, so don't be surprised if you get winded from time to time and have to stop to catch your breath.

As usual, Pearl didn't have any trouble hiking up the hill.

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