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Hike Pontatoc Trail - part 1

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Hike Pontatoc Trail - Part 1

The Pontatoc trails are the two easy trails on the south side of Pusch ridge. The two trails are the ridge trail and the canyon trail. The trails on the south side of Pusch Ridge are all pretty much the same for the first mile or two. cacti, rocks, and some upslope. The Pontatoc trail is no different than this.

The trail has a nice view when you get up on top. The ridge trail gains about 2,000 feet. The canyon trail gains a few hundred less feet. The canyon trail is about 3.7 miles long, and the ridge trail is about 2.5 miles long.

Even though they have signs at the lower trailhead suggesting the opposite, turns out you can bring your dog on these trails up to the sign saying that you can't up the mountain near the upper end of the trail.

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