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hike La Milagrosa to Agua Caliente part 1

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hike La Milagrosa to Agua Caliente part 1

La Milagrosa and Agua Caliente are two canyons in northeast Tucson area, which are adjacent, with La Milagrosa being the canyon just west of Agua Caliente.

The two canyons are somewhat similar, although Agua Caliente summits in a much higher hill/ mountain, but there is a side trail that goes over and connects with La Milagrosa canyon.

La Milagrosa at its eastern most end connects with the Bellota Ranch trail that goes from Molino basin trailhead to Reddington road. This trail is also a section of the Arizona trail.

This is a hike starting out at the west end of the La Milagrosa trail, and goes up to the connecting trail 46a, crosses over to Agua Caliente trail, and then proceeds down to Agua Caliente trailhead.

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