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Two Day Backpacking adventure - day one

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Backpacking Adventure - Apr 03 - First Day first part - Box Camp Trailhead through the woods

I met with Steve and Karen at the meetup site, and loaded my pack onto their car. Our agreement was that if they'd drive us to the departure trailhead, then my wife would pick us up at the arrival trailhead and ferry them back to their car. We had agreed to backpack from Box camp down to Sabino Canyon tramstop 7. The distance was about 5 miles to Apache Spring the first night, and then to Tram Stop7 the second day, which is also about 5 miles.

The drive up to the departure trailhead was unremarkable, as hoped, and we got out at the trailhead and put on our hiking shoes and got our packs out of the car and ready to start hiking.

We headed out on down the trail and noticed that the stream in the middle of the woods along the trail had some water flowing. Ironically, Box Spring, the upper spring that supposedly flows year around was dry as an arroyo. At that point we changed our plans and decided to hike on down to Apache spring for our campsite that night, since water is sort of important, and we all seemed like we weren't ready to stop for the night along the stream that had water flowing.

We saw a lizard along the trail, and noticed the bluffs and trees up on the ridge to the east and west of Box Camp ridge.

We continued on down the trail through the trees following the ridge to the south.

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