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Tucson Arizona spring 2015

Two Day Backpacking adventure - day one

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Backpacking Adventure - Apr 03 - First Day part 2 - Box Camp through the woods to the ridge

After we checked out Box Spring and found it was dry, we decided that we would spend the night at Apache Springs so that we would have water nearby.

As box spring is to the west of the trail, we came back east and picked up our packs on the way to returning to the trail to continue on south towards Apache spring.

We continued further south, and as the trees thinned out, we were able to start to briefly see a few ridges and peaks in the distance and was able to get a glimpse of Tucson in the distance further in the direction of the ridge headed south.

Now about 3 miles down the trail from the trailhead, we were still sharing the ridge with lots of trees and other visual obstacles as we look around. Yet we were still able to see lots of things on other ridges, and on the ridge that we were hiking down.

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