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Scenic Drive thru Saguaro natl park East

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Scenic Drive thru Saguaro natl park East

The full name of this national park is Saguaro national Park - East, run by the National park service. Saguaro National Park has two locations. The east location is below the Rincon mountians, and the surrounding foothills. The west location is located near the Tucson mountains and the surrounding foothills.

To get to Saguaro national park east, you follow Broadway east until you reach South Freeman Road, turn right on Freeman and follow it south until you reach the intersection with South Old Spanish trail road. Continue south on Spanish trail road for a few hundred feet and then take Cactus forest Drive east to the Rincon Mountain visitor center.

Cactus Forest Drive is a several mile long loop thorugh the Saguaro cactus forest, providing access to several trailheads and several displays about that area. It's well worth spending a few hours to see the area. You could probably spend several days if you hike all of the trails and take a close look at the area.

It's a part of our national legacy, and placed at the base of the Rincon Mountains, it's a nice place to visit, and especially to hike some of the trails.

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