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Drive to Tucson from Albuquerque - part 1

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Drive to Tucson from Albuquerque - part 1

Albuquerque had become a place that was colder than we had signed up for, so when we left town, we were feeling pretty good about our warmer destination. Albuquerque had been colder than the temperatures that were being experienced in Iowa in the week or so preceeding out exodus. We had experienced highs in the 40F range and lows in the 20F range, which was TOO COLD for us. Fortunately Tucson was experiencing temperatures at least 20F warmer than ABQ, so it was all good.

The drive from ABQ to Tucson is a full day drive. We left at about 9:30AM, and planned to arrive at about 7PM. We were/are familiar with Tucson, so arriving at that late hour was not an issue for us, especially since we had a garage at the destination rental house.

The route is taking Interstate 25 south from ABQ down to Hatch, NM, where they have the chilli farms to make the ristras, where a state road cuts over southwest to Interstate 10 in the southwest quadrant of New Mexico.

The route was very scenic, with mostly high desert and mountains along the route.

We arrived at about 6:30PM, ahead of schedule, and proceeded to unpack.

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