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Tucson, Arizona 2016

Walk through Honeybee canyon

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Walk through Honeybee canyon

This trail makes a loop around the center of Oro valley. The trailhead has a bathroom, and it's a pretty little canyon. The trail varies about 200 feet, so it's not strenuous, but it gives you a little exercise. The path climbs up the south canyon ridge, and then continues over the saddle and then continues down the ridge back down to the arroyo. You then follow the arroyo back upstream until you get back to the bridge and restroom facilities.

There is a nice description on for this trail, It's an Arizona trails website, and it's a great resource for people who are looking for a hiking trail, especially near Tucson, Az. provides lots of very useful information, including distance, elevation, AEG, elevation gain, average duration time of hike, and a write up of what to expect.

If you're going to go on this trail, then definitely don't do it in the summer. Typically the arizona sunload is about 20 degrees Farenheit, so it's very hot in the summer. There is a great deal of exposure on this trail, so it's best done in winter when you want the sunshine to warm you up. I prefer this trail on a cloudy day, because the sunload can be too much if there isn't a breeze. Another negative of hiking this trail in the summer is that the wildlife such as rattlesnakes, gila monsters, tarantulas, scorpions, and other things come out in the summer.

It's magical to hike in Arizona in the fall, winter and spring.

On the day when we hiked Honeybee canyon, it was a perfect day for hiking like most days in Tucson in the winter. There is a lot of history in this canyon, as they are doing archeological digs, and finding artifacts in a part of the canyon.

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