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Tucson Arizona, Winter 2017

Hike Bug Springs with Mike - part 1

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Hike Bug Springs with Mike - part 1

Mike and Pam came for a visit in February, 2017. So while Pam and Sandi went sight seeing, Mike and Dan and Pearl took a hike up Bug springs trail.

The trail is located just one trailhead up the mountain from Gordon Hiribayashi campground and trailhead.

It was a typical Tucson winter, beautiful day about 60F up on the mountain, but with the sunshine, it felt like about 75 with the breeze.

We saw a couple of mountain bikers coming down the trail from middle bear canyon trailhead.

The route was very scenic, with mostly high desert and mountains in the distance along the route.

The trail gained about 1200 feet over about 2.5 miles one way, but it was very gradual, and not oppressive at all.

We arrived at about 10:30 and we hiked about 4.5 miles round trip for about 3 hours or so of hiking. I was still recovering from my anemia condition, so I wasn't pressing it too hard.

Overall it was a very pleasant hike, and I think Mike enjoyed it too.

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