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Tucson, Arizona - 2017

Hike up Cody trail with Mike and Jason - part 1

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Hike up Cody trail with Mike and Jason - part 1

Cody trail is a trail southeast of Oracle. It's a trail that starts at the American Flag ranch trailhead, and cuts west and southwest over past the old Bill Cody ranch, and intersects up at Oracle Ridge trail.

The first part of the trail goes up and over a hill, and then cuts south to a creek.

The trail starts at about 4,500 feet, and the trail ends before you get to the ridge up a couple thousand feet or so on past the end of the trail.

This was my first attempt at the trail, in late January, and having started in the late morning, we didn't get all the way to Oracle ridge trail because I was still suffering from the anemia I was suffering with in 2016, and didn't want to push it.

That having been said, it was a nice hike, and lasted about 5 hours, which is respectable, and enough to get a little exercise anyway. On the previous year, I had hiked down the intersecting Oracle ridge trail past the intersection with the Cody trail, and that was a good hike, albeit a pretty long hike.

We didn't know that the Bill Cody ranch was along the trail, so that was quite a treat. We saw the grounds keeper, and she offered and we accepted to get a tour of the ranch.

There are lots of pretty panoramas most everywhere you look.

This hike is about 5.5 miles round trip, and it's all mostly uphill except at a short section, and it's about 1,400 feet up from the trailhead, where we turned around, but higher at the end of the canyon, but not much higher.

It's a nice hike, but it's a typical Santa Catalina trail level of ruggedness, so it takes a bit of work to get the trail hiked. Well worth the effort.

The day I did the hike, it was a nice day for a hike. Just a little cool, cloudy, and in the 60's. Very pleasant.

We all took a sandwich with us and ate it sitting on a rock up where we turned around.

It was not an especially difficult trail. The condition of the trail was actually pretty good overall.

The hike is about a full day hike if you have lunch, and take pictures and look around.

The view to the north, west and east should be savored up at the summit.

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