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Tucson, Arizona Winter 2017

Explore Arboretum state park, Superior, Arizona - part 3

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Explore Arboretum state park, Superior, Arizona - part 3

The Arboretum is a state park about an hour east of Phoenix.

The arboretum was started by a man named Boyce Thompson in the 1920's, and it was later turned into a state park.

Here is the website....for the state park

Superior is about 60 minutes northwest of Tucson, and about 60 minutes east of Mesa(Phoenix).

The arboretum is the oldest in Arizona, and is considered an important bird area by the Audibon society.

There are cultural artifacts from Australia in the area where the Australian arid climate plants are located.

There are interesting displays regarding the Sonoran Desert (of which Superior is at the very north end of), and Chihauhan desert.

Over 2600 species of arid land plants from around the globe grow at the arboretum.

Included in the collection are Agaves, Aloes, boojum trees, cork oads, jujube trees, legume trees, an done of the largest red gum Ecualyptus trees in the US. Also, cacti and succulents grow extensively throughout the arboretum.

The collection is spread over 392 acres, and sits in the scenic shadow of the picket post mountain.

We spent an afternoon walking around the grounds, and felt like we could spend another whole day looking around.

This is located about a couple of miles west of Superior, Arizona.

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