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Tucson, Arizona - 2017

Hike to the Lemmon Lookout - part 4

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Hike to the Lemmon Lookout - part 4

When I started driving up the mountain toward the trailhead my intention was to hike a 7 mile loop, but as I approached the trailhead I noticed that the hour was late as compared to the time I had to be back for a movie that Sandi had bought tickets for already that early evening.

So I had to find something that only took a little more than 2 hours, instead of the 4 to 5 hours that the 7 mile loop that I wanted to hike would have taken. I could have walked faster, however it was at about 8,000feet elevation, so it meant heavy breathing no matter how fast I wanted to go, and my lungs were going to be the limiting factor in that context, so I decided to just do a wimpy mile or two hike to Lemmon Lookout (at 9,000 feet elevation).

It was a good decision, which gave me a chance to take some good pictures from above the wilderness of rocks area, and some more pictures on the way back down the mountain after the hike.

The hike was short and pretty. I managed to get back in time for the movie, and didn't get the MRS. too mad at me.

Pearl had a good time hiking along the trail.

We saw a ground squirrel and a butterfly along the way, as well as lots of big rocks.

The day that I decided to take on this hike, it was really hot for this time of the year down in the valley, but up on top it was in the low 60's, and almost perfect for hiking.

Pearl and I had lunch at a picnic table at the trailhead, and it was delicious. I had bought a burrito at Chipolte along with me, and it was still warm 2 hours after it was made.

I got quite a few good pictures out of the trip, so although I didn't get as much exercise as i would have wanted, at least it was not a wasted trip with the pictures.

Fresh air, sunlight, light breeze, and hiking in the mountains is all a good combination for almost any day.

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