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Ventana water cache hike part 2

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Ventana water cache hike part 2

We left the house at about 11AM, and drove to Ventana trailhead.

The fall of 2017 was a very very dry one in the mountains, so the mountain streams are nearly universally dry with few exceptions. As a consequence, it was necessary for me to carry up some of our water for a 2 day backpack a few days later, I hauled about 14 pounds of water and found a spot where a large rock was near the trail where I could cache some water and the dayhike pack.

By having cached one days' worth of water, we only had to haul up 1.5 days' drinking water.

With the extra water we were able to make it a 3 day 2 night backpack, with the cache being the water necessary.

We carried the water needed to hike up the mountain, and for half of the next day, when we planned to hikeup to Cathedral Rock. Then with the cache water, we would have enough for that night and then the next day hiking back down the mountain.

By the time I reached the site where I was going to cache the drinking water, it was nearly 6PM, and starting to get dark in the upper canyon.

I quickly stashed the water and took some pictures so i could be sure and remember where the water was stashed.

I then grabbed a liter of water and started heading down the mountain.

I got back to the car at about 8:30PM. I had been hiking down the mountain in the dark, but didn't have any problems. This was the 2nd time I'd hiked down the canyon in the dark.

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